Training weeks next season

Because of the many questions about the training weeks for next season, we allready make known the program for de weeks we organize in Inzell and Erfurt:
Week 1: 16-21 July 2012 Inzell
Week 2: 23-28 July 2012 Inzell
Week 3: 17-22 September 2012 Inzell (ALLREADY OVERBOOKED)
Week 4: 24-29 September 2012 Inzell (ALLREADY OVERBOOKED)
Week 5: November 2012 Erfurt (including the international Masters competition Erfurt)
All the weeks are based on technique and are for speedskaters who want to work on their skating technique.
The weeks are not for the very beginning skaters, further for skaters of all levels (you must at least to be able to skate a curve).
Interested in one of these weeks? Please send an e-mail for the preregistration allready so yo are assured of a place.
Look here for some impressions of other training weeks…